When your profession lands you poolside at a remote, picture perfect locale, you’ve either done something really right, or something really wrong. In Kirk Nix’s case, it’s a little of both.

Kirk Nix has made an enduring imprint on global hospitality design over the last 20 years. From 5-star hotels on three continents to each of his fabric, furnishing and lighting designs, Kirk has developed a signature aesthetic that marries classic and contemporary influences (stirred not shaken, of course). And while he has garnered countless accolades and press for his work, Kirk maintains he is simply designing what he would want to see in a room. Any room.

As head of KNA Design, when he is not on the road Kirk oversees a staff of over 40 designers, deploying a diverse range of design expertise from architecture to sheer decoration. Currently partnering with an idol and global fashion icon on a hotel in his hometown Los Angeles, Kirk has attached his ideal to many of the world’s most acclaimed properties. Included among these hospitality and luxurious residential retreats are the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas, Ritz-Carltons, Fairmonts, the infamous Plaza in NYC and exquisite private villas in Dubai plus numerous private estates for celebrity clientele.

From initial concept to final product, Kirk’s work is the culmination of a lifetime of travel, study, observation and—he’s man enough to admit—a great deal of trial and error. He’s also got an opinion he’s not afraid to share.” We all stand for something – I’ve learned that design is pure unadulterated instinct.- pursue what feels good.”.

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