March 5, 2015 kirknix1

Paris in January

No amount of cold or snow can deter this man from the city of light- just bring a few more scarves- not to worry.

In town no more than minutes we immediately met the team for a proper lunch that lasted well over 3 hours.

And yes there were indeed pomme frites and profiteroles involved- but let’s keep that between us shall we?

We were indulged once again at the Hotel Prince De Galles.

A tailored one bedroom suite was beautifully finished and tricked out for our arrival.

Did I mention the chocolate dipped madelines?

Closet space was the only hindrance to the room, but not many folks bring 8 different winter coats unless you plan on several costume changes that would make Beyonce jealous.

The show was magnificent and several vendors did not fail to impress. Always inspiring to see what is happening with design around the globe.

No stop on the Rue Fauborg St. Honore is complete without a compulsory perusal of the new goods on display at Colette.

A quick bite downstairs in the café- and you’re on the way to the next adventure.

Stopped in to pay homage to the magnificent skylight at the Galeries Lafayette and Les Printemps for good measure.

The Euro is faring a bit better these days and French goods are actually priced well within the country.

Who needs to rationalize shopping- not me!

I never miss the Palais Garnier– the interiors are my favorite and hold great sentimental value.

One day a cocktail party for 600 of my closest friends – this would be the ideal location.

Shirtless bartenders and candles galore and you got yourself a memorable rave.

After sightseeing a bit, then onwards to my favorite bookstore on the Rue De Rivoli.

Stacks of books were sent back to Los Angeles, eagerly awaiting my imminent return.

Next year we certainly plan to return- as we simply can’t miss it. You shouldn’t either.

Who’s coming with?


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